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- for absolutely low cost heating 

HormiProffa Oy has several decades’ experience of heat recovery from the flue. The company has supplied Energy Chimneys already for hundreds of residential buildings in Finland. The patented HormiProffa Energy Chimney has been subjected to several tests; e.g. pressure and fire safety tests as well as heat recovery tests. HormiProffa Energy Chimney is also one of the most fire safe chimneys available on the market.

As a result of a long product development, the Energy Chimney has achieved its current design and structure. The chimney whole, including the heat recovery unit, is manufactured in a modern factory meeting international criteria.

Each heat recovery unit is also tested prior to the delivery. We grant a 10 years’ warranty for the HormiProffa Energy Chimney!

HormiProffa Energy Chimney increases significantly the amount of heat energy recovered from wood, because this heat energy would otherwise be completely lost.

HormiProffa Energy Chimney is an ecological solution, because it saves wood to be burnt, and this way also the environment. Besides this, the other heating characteristics of the fireplace remain unaltered. The Energy Chimney can be combined conveniently to the other heating system used in a residential building.

With regard to its outward appearance, HormiProffa Energy Chimney does not differ from a regular chimney, and it is available for various fireplaces such as for ovens, fireplaces, iron stoves or sauna ovens.


HormiProffa Energy Chimney can be also installed to a water circulating fireplace – this means that for example the heat energy obtained from a charging water circulating fireplace into water generally approximately doubles. This means that it is easy to install the HormiProffa chimney whole to all fireplaces.

HormiProffa Energy Chimney has been integrated into the steel flue delivered by HormiProffa, forming a heat recovery phase. At the lower end of the recovery phase, there are connection assemblies from where the recovery is connected to a hybrid charger. The recovery phase is always installed as a part of the steel flue whole supplied by HormiProffa.

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